Marcos Silva

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Marcos Silva frequently known as "Fleive" is mostly an autonomous affiliate marketer and CMS Webmaster since 2009, with some of his know-how obtained through Online Courses and private online community forums. Before 2014, he worked with tourists for more than 13 years, developing a passion to attain nicely, predominantly vacationers coming from nation's like Sweden, Kingdom of Norway, Germany, Portugal, Spain and many more.

Regardless the devotion related with his guests, he planned to exert effort to be independent and follow the dream " Online work from home ". The plan ended up being materialized on February 2014, resigning from his 13-year job, and believing to himself that was the appropriate journey to follow.

Eight months later, he makes another move with his sisters and join forces with them to build another dream, 1OfUs Hostel.

"This website is dedicated to my family and friends who believed me." Marcos Silva

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