Patricia Silva

  • Faculty: Sociology
  • Degrees: PhD, MS in Sociology at the University of Covilhâ
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I was born on 25/09/1971 in Ponta Delgada and I am the first daughter of a 3 children phratry. Prolonged periods of my life were spent with an extended household, which included grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, parents and brothers and sisters. I have lived intense and wonderful moments that marked me forever and who accompanied me on this journey. I am a mirror of its principles and values ... humble family, proud and open face, hard working and fighters ...

My adolescence was marked by the responsibility of caring for my younger brothers and the moments lived with uncles and grandparents. At 18 I met Marco, my current husband and since then, despite the twists and turns, we come together as companions of a lifetime, and we have a wonderful and special daughter.

I did the secondary School Antero de Quental and after graduating high school I worked for five years in various areas. However, I continued to dream of leaving the island and study on the mainland, and this took place in 1997. I joined the University of Beira Interior in the course of Sociology, finished the course in 2001.

For 13 years I worked in the area of Mental Health and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, participated in the great moments of the institution, particularly in the Certification Process of Rehabilitation Nursing Home St. Michael Services (ISJD). However, due to economic and financial problems of the institution, I ended up in unemployment at the beginning of 2014.

After a long fight and necessary emotional distance I found myself creating, as was the case when I was very young, crafts, cakes and biscuits, to participate in workshops and relearned to look at life and to dream ... that's how an idea emerged to three I, fleive and Helena so different and so identical, brothers who have learned to live so differently - Let's create "1of Us Hostel", a special place, created by experiences, music, hopes and dreams.

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