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6 of the best hostels in Ponta-Delgada center

6 of the best hostels in Ponta-Delgada center - 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 votes
Choosing the right monetary budget holiday accommodations inside Ponta Delgada, Azores isn't really a hardcore procedure. In fact, remarkable independent financial investments ended up being formulated inside Açores Capital immediately after Ryanair and Easy Jet commenced to soar through the air within these nine European union tropical islands.
To gain access to a well designed sweet to pocket travelling circuits, reasonable to targeted demographics which include university students, backpackers and generally budget tourists, nothing can beat an index of most popular Hostels possibilities contained in the historical middle of the town Ponta Delgada.
Bear in mind, we won't incorporate our very own hostelry and/or Bed and Breakfast mix of both solutions in this case, for self-evident reasons. 
Why don't we look a little more closely and therefore imagine you can acquire our very own "local resident" frame of mind.
Mention: absolutely no distinctive index structure presented here.
3/4 Hostel
The first Hostel ever build in Ponta Delgada. Extremely comfortable, neat and with a nice café on the street corner accompanied by top-class personnel. 
Location: Rua do Dr.Guilherme Poças, Ponta Delgada
Mobile: +351 927 220 344
Website/Booking engine:
The Nook Hostel
The Nook hostel is a wonderful place possessing a tremendously helpful workforce together with sensational looking holiday accommodations, you or your friends and family guests aren't going to be disappointed for this selection.
location: Travessa do Pedro Homem, 2, 9500-099 Ponta Delgada
Mobile Phone: +351 967 578 059
Marina Lounge Hostel
This residential property is really one of the finest grade hostels out there. Marvellous option.
Location: Rua João de Melo Abreu, 74, 9500-316 Ponta Delgada - Açores
Mobile/Phone: +351 296 628 548
Thomas Hostel
New and refurbished hostel structure, service twenty-four hours and suitable morning meal. Guide detail: nearby the regional University.
Location: Ladeira da Mãe de Deus 20, Ponta Delgada
Mobile/Phone: +351 296 653 921
Comercial Azores Hostel
Right on the center, close a few grocery stores, sweet reliable solution.
Location: Rua Machado dos Santos, 73, 9500-083 Ponta Delgada - Açores
Mobile: +351 919 294 000
Pousada de Juventude de Ponta Delgada/ Azores youth Hostels
The typical Youth Hostel. Not necessarily the most ideal environment when it comes to solitary backpackers tourists, nevertheless outstanding selling price.
Location: R. São Francisco Xavier, 9500-243 Ponta Delgada
Mobile/Phone: +351296 629 431

Very best beaches near Ponta Delgada, Azores

Very best beaches near Ponta Delgada, Azores - 5.0 out of 5 based on 31 votes
Top rated beaches near and far Ponta Delgada, Azores
We all understand that uncover high-quality beach locations near your hotel or resort is definitely a natural part of an immaculate holiday period. Contained in the Azores, and specifically Ponta Delgada downtown, there are not many possible choices, however despite the fact, these small number of alternatives are top notch.
Praia das Milícias- The most adjacent Beach, and, therefore, a magnificent way to go. Even though you decided not to rent a car, a go walking of 5 or 6 Km should end up being an activity that can be done relatively easy. Available in this a lot less jam-packed beach, you will probably come across surfers, a superb point of view, nearby cafes and several attractive ladies.
The remaining alternatives when looking at the south sea-coast of São Miguel, will require a motorized vehicle or perhaps the bus, due the fact that these beach locations are distant at least 20 Km. I'm definitely making reference to Vila Franca do Campo beach locations.
Also, a few vacationers rationally make reservations for the Hotel Bahia Palace, as a consequence of many of these beach locations are practically side-by-side. Furthermore, they have access to Caloura beach ( Near Caloura Hotel ), that is around 5 Km away.
The remaining fascinating choice is Ilhéu de Vila Franca in the town sea-coast. Observe that Ilhéu de Vila Franca may just be accessed exclusively by boat, having to pay a modest service charge.
Check out the video footage down the page which includes several other beach locations you could potentially take into consideration, along with the northern region of São Miguel Island.
Credits to Worldgoldbeaches Youtube Channel.

6 Best restaurants in Ponta Delgada, Azores

6 Best restaurants in Ponta Delgada, Azores - 4.9 out of 5 based on 39 votes
6 Best restaurants in Ponta Delgada, Azores
A not too expensive concept can be applied here in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel island restaurants, exotic food and an exclusive touch of kindness must certainly be your ultimate flavor. As a community residing maybe my standard recommendations could actually help tourists as part of their quest inside  São Miguel Island. 
Let's begIn and identify the top 6 restaurants in Ponta Delgada.
  • Cais 20 ( specialty: Seafood )
The best characteristics are undoubtedly the dish "Arroz de marisco", an amazing ocean perspective, excellent personnel staff and merely five kilometers coming from Ponta Delgada location. You always can easily walk through the main avenue and reach this superb restaurant in 20 to 30 minutes.
Street Address: 2 Rua Terreiro 41, Ponta Delgada, Ilha De São Miguel, 9500
Phone Number and reservations: +351 296 384 811
  • Restaurant Galego ( specialty: Local steak )
You won't be indifferent, Galego steak is definitely outstanding. Just 4 km walking from Ponta Delgada Center through the main avenue.
Street Address: Praia Dos Santos Nº21, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel.
Phone Number and reservations:+351 296 700 857
  • Restaurant Mandarina ( specialty: Local steak )
Near São Braz Fort, this dining establishment its a must, and the plate "Steak with Maracujá" deliver an amazing and mouth-watering flavor.
They also provide fresh fish due the fact that they are localized between São Braz Fort and Ponta Delgada harbor.
Phone Number and booking:+351 296 281 140
  • A Tasca ( specialty: Traditional )
Near Ponta Delgada Matriz church, this restaurant presents you the typical Azorean food.
Please note that should be difficult to find a table if you do not book it in advance.
Street Address: Rua Do Aljube Nº16, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel.
Phone Number and reservations:+351 296 288 880
  • Paladares da Quinta ( specialty: Traditional )
Regardless the small distance from Ponta Delgada, I have to integrate this option. Seafood cook into the Furnace is my golden pick together with some others.
Road address: Canada de Santa Bárbara, Nº40, Rosário Lagoa.
Phone Number and bookings:+351 296 965 306
  • Restaurant São Pedro ( specialty: Upscale )
Only a few steps from Parish Church of São Pedro in Ponta Delgada, this restaurant supply a splendid servicing, along with a wonderful food.
The romantic atmosphere inside is another phenomenal extra.
Road address: Largo  Alm Dunn, Ponta Delgada.
Phone Number and bookings:+351 296 281 600
Bear in mind, my personal selection was motivated not just by dazzling meals but also by their exclusiveness. I also have to say that restaurants on the other places of the island such as, O garajau ( Ribeira Quente ), Associação Agricula ( Ribeira Grande ), Tonys / Miroma ( Furnas ) and Restaurant Lagoa Azul ( Sete Cidades ) are nothing but awesome and also with specialized Azorean dishes.

9 Beautiful islands to visit in europe

9 Beautiful islands to visit in europe - 5.0 out of 5 based on 28 votes
The European Union island destinations are definitely more than ever before simple to access. 
Tropical islands such as Santorini, Madeira, Crete, Tenerife, Corsica and also an abundance of many more are without any question remarkable escapes.
Nevertheless if you are making the hard work in order to discover another kind of tropical isles around the European union, significantly less overcrowded, more relaxed and also heart warming, then Azores islands can potentially end up being the solution. An impressive environmentally friendly island chain contained in the middle range Atlantic ocean has become the latest easy-on-the-pocket pleasure getaway.
Just recently Azores holiday destination become available appearing in the budget airline flight routes, which includes Easy Jet and Ryanair well-known flight companies.
Now the best part is what else can you really enjoy over these undiscovered island destinations, in order to assist you we've just made a small comprehensive listing wich you can consult just below.
Whale watching and swimming with dolphins:
There are several companies that deliver a great overall experience, among these appear Picos de Aventura and Futurismo (São Miguel Island).
Hot springs bath:
This is without any question my most favorite one, my suggestion is always to experience many of these waters very early in the morning during the week course, basically because will be significantly less overcrowded.
The best spot is Poça da dona beija wich is just awesome, then Terra Nostra Garden pool is another sweet and romantic place to bath with your friends or family (São Miguel Island).
Canoeing/cycling/scuba dive:
Again Picos the Aventura could be the answer providing this kind of services (São Miguel Island).
Hiking/Bird Watching:
Lakes, caverns shaped by aged inactive volcanoes, endemic flora, exclusive wild birds and waterfalls, these are typically some of the attractiveness these natural islands have to offer when it comes to hikers. These are the types of trails you won't find anywhere else around the planet.
Golf :
Furnas Golf Course rated by GolfDigest as one of the best golf courses in Portugal is a fantastic option for golf fans and nature lovers.
You can book packages with, including the famous Furnas Golf Course (São Miguel Island).
Sports fishing:
If you are sports fishing lover, then Azores is a great destination. Considered one of the best seas to capture big game species, these waters have mutch more to offer.
You can check full details with the pro's, please visit  sportfishing Azores for full details.
Now you are thinking about what island to visit, then let's list all the Islands and focus on some key points on what they have to offer.
São Miguel (Eastern group)- The biggest island from Azores archipelago, and by far the one that has more to see and to do. The Capital Ponta Delgada, also receive flights from Easy Jet and Ryanair, low-cost Airlines. You can access Climate, geography and some of his history here in Wikipedia.
Santa Maria (Eastern group)- This island is known as the Algarve from Azores, due the fact that is located more at the south. The inter-island ferry and local aero transportation company SATA provide daily flights. Full details here in Wikipedia.
Terceira (Central group)- With around half of the population compared with São Miguel, Terceira features great events like "Tourada á corda". Their culture is very different from the others islands, but for sure a great destiny. The population just loves party time, You can learn more here.
Pico (Central Group)- Features the tallest mountain of Portugal. If you are a wine lover, then you won't be indifferent to their cellars. Full details here.
São Jorge (Central Group)- Cheap and abundant seafood? don't miss this one. Full details here.
Faial (Central Group)- Again, seafood and the famous Faial yacht harbor are just a few attractions. Full details here.
Graciosa (Central Group)- The most peacefull of the Central group, Graciosa features pure Mediterranean nature. Full details here.
Flores (Western group)- With less than 4000 habitants, Flores island features a variety of exotic flowers species if you are looking for peace this is the place to go. Full details here.
Corvo (Western group)- The smallest of this exotic archipelago, Corvo can be described as the end of the world. His Population is less than 500 inhabitants, and the privilege to visit this remote island is not for everyone, if you are thinking about visit this part of the world, then you will belong to an exclusive club. More information here.
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